Accessing cPanel from a dynamic IP address If you get logged out from cPanel and get an error The IP has changed, then it is possible that... Difference between cPanel and WHM WHM (WebHost Manager), provides administrative control of your dedicated server or VPS. It allows... How can I check my website access logs? Using Raw Access Logs menu in cPanel you can check the traffic coming to your website, before it... How do I add an Apache handler? 1. Click on the “Apache handlers” link in Cpanel. (under the 'site management... How do I add new email account to my hosting account? Every linux hosting account comes with a C Panel as a control panel. You can... How do I change my account password in Cpanel? 1. Click on 'Change Password' under the 'Site Management' header in Cpanel. 2. Enter your... How do I change the language of my cPanel? You can use the Change Language feature to change the default display language of your cPanel... How do I create custom error pages? Error pages are served to Internet users when any one of a variety of errors occur, such as when... How do I create/delete Cron jobs? Cron jobs run scheduled commands at specific times. The Cron Jobs tool in cPanel is helpful for... How do I login to Cpanel? You can login to Cpanel with the url that is in your Welcome email:... How do I password protect a directory? You can password protect directories within your site from unauthorized users by using 'Web... How do I update my contact information in c Panel? To update your contact information in cPanel, you can use the Update Contact Information feature... How do I view my website stats? Every web site hosted with has a log analyzer which is run on a daily basis in... How to Create /Edit/Delete a File using the File manager? You will need to have a basic understanding of how to navigate the File Manager in order to... How to block IPs from accessing your website? For automatic IP block cPanel provides special IP Deny Manager tool.... How to change MX records in cPanel You can check and change MX records for domains pointed to our hosting nameservers following the... How to change file permissions? File permissions can be changed from your account control panel -> File manager.Or using FTP... How to control FTP sessions? This function displays general information about who is logged into your FTP server. This... How to create a site/domain redirect in cPanel? You can create the redirect for your domain in your cPanel. In order to do it, perform the... How to create additional FTP accounts? 1. Click the FTP Accounts icon under Files2. Enter a login name and password.3. If you leave... How to create and manage mailing lists in cPanel Mailing lists allow you to send an email to multiple recipients in one go. This feature is very... How to create blacklists? You may use Apache SpamAssassin to create a "blacklist" to block unwanted email.  To create... How to create symbolic link in cPanel? Symlinks - short for symbolic links are basically shortcuts to individual files or folders. One... How to edit DNS Zone? With cPanel, users are granted access to make some DNS changes from within the control panel... How to move and copy a file Sometimes you need to move files from one directory to another, or would like to make a copy for... How to run Python scripts? If you wish to run Python scripts in your hosting account, you can create and edit them in two... How to take a manual backup via C Panel? Login to your cPanel Click the Backup icon, under the Files section Click the button titled... How to upload file using File manager? You can upload your files directly through cPanel using the File Manager. File Manager is a web... How to use cPanel Calendars and Contacts Client? This article provides instructions for synchronizing cPanel Calendar & Contacts using CardDAV... I can't see my .htaccess file under cPanel's File manager .htaccess is considered a hidden file in linux.Before entering your file manager, cPanel pops up... I lost my control panel username and password what should I do? If you have forgotten your username or password to the online Control Panel, please check your... Is there a secure https login for Cpanel? Yes, there is. Try: or: You... Is there a way to access Webmail, cPanel, and WHM from behind a firewall? WHM includes a feature that allows your customers access the following accounts from behind a... My counter doesn't work. All it says is: cannot open /var/cpanel/Counters/counter.dat If you get this error message, please submit a support ticket and we can correct this for you.... What are some common error codes? Here is a list of many common error codes:Succesful Client Requests: 200 OK 201 Created 202... What is Add-on domain ? An addon domain is a second website, with its own unique content. This type does require you to... What is Document root folder? The document root is the folder where the website files for a domain name are stored. Since... What is Subdomain? A subdomain is a second website, with its own unique content, but there is no new domain name.... What is hot linking? How do I enable and disable hotlink protection? Hot link protection prevents other websites from directly linking to files and pictures on your... What is parked domain?  A parked domain is NOT a unique website. Instead, it is a masked forward to the primary domain... What to do if my website stats are not updated? The websites statistics on our servers are updated every 24 hours. This update may be delayed by...
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