How to change SMTP port number? To set up Microsoft Outlook Express:  Open Microsoft Outlook Express     Go to Tools >... ASP.NET TRUST LEVEL We run ASP.NET in Full Trust Level Ajax functionality is integrated in ASP .NET To use Ajax, login to your control panel  Click on Web Sites section  click on the website... CUSTOMIZING WEB SERVER ERROR MESSAGES 404 When visitors coming to a site request pages that the Web server cannot find, the Web server... Can single database user manage multiple databases? It is possible to create user which can manage all databases on given subscription However, quick... Can't receive mail but can send mail - Windows dedicated If you are having problems receiving mail, you may be having a problem with the domain's disk... Can't send mail but can receive - Windows dedicated Usually when a user cannot send mail it is caused by a block on the Internet service provider's... Changing MX, A, CNAME Records in plesk  Plesk 12.0.8  is the latest version of Plesk available on all Windows Shared... Do you allow remote MSSQL access? Yes. We do allow remote access to the MSSQL. It is offered on the regular port 1433.   Do you provide URL Rewrite on your ASP .NET plans? Yes, full URL Rewrite is offered on our ASP .NET plans within the IIS 7 web server.  If you wish... How can I replace Parallels icon that is shown in address bar of my website? Icon is taken from file favicon.ico that can be found in website's document root directory... How do I connect to MSSQL using Classic ASP Please use the following connection string on our Windows 2012 servers to connect to the local... How do I connect to the MySQL server using Classic ASP? Please use the following connection string on our Windows 2012 servers to connect to the local... How do I create a cronjob in Plesk? To create a cronjob, please follow these steps:  1. Open a web browser and connect to your Plesk... How do I create a new client account in Plesk? The following article explains how to create a new client account through the Plesk Control... How do I create a new client template in Plesk? The following article explains how to create a client template through the Plesk Control Panel.... How do I create a new domain in Plesk? To create a new Domain, please follow these steps:   1. Open a web browser and connect to your... How do I login and work in Plesk control panel? The login details for your Plesk control panel will be provided to you at the time of activation... How do I manage a database in Plesk? To manage a Database, please follow these steps: 1. Open a web browser and connect to your Plesk... How do I optimze mysql in Plesk? It is always a good idea to keep your databases' tables optimized. Fortunately, making this... How do I upload my website? provides you two methods to upload your website files:   Publishing through... How to Enable parent paths for ASP? To enable parent path support for IIS:   1. Login to Pleask control panel 2. Go to... How to Preview your site in Plesk? You can preview your site from Plesk by clicking on the Site preview button inside the domain.... How to Use the Application Vault Script installer? This feature is similar to options like QuickInstall, which you can find in cPanel. The article... How to access e-mail using webmail ? To access your mailbox through Webmail: Open a web browser, and type the URL:... How to backup your domain?      To back up your domain (web site): Click Backup in the Domain group.Click Create Backup in... How to change database user passwords? To change password for a database user:  1)On your home page, click Domains.  2)Click the... How to create database user accounts? Creating Database User Accounts  If you collaborate with other people on managing your web site... How to password protect a folder? To password protect a directory in your site and to specify authorized users:  On your Home... How to setup a domain alias?   If you have registered with a domain name registrar several domain names that you would like... Is there a limit to the size of a MSSQL database that I can have? We do provide Unlimited Mysql/MSsql Databases on premium shared and all Reseller, VPS, Dedicated... Spam Filter for Plesk Windows Shared Servers At this time there are no settings that can be adjusted for Spam Assassin... What Microsoft SQL Server version do you run? We run MSSQL Version 2012 on all our windows server What are the advantages of using ASP.NET? There are several different advantages to using ASP.NET that are you to benefit you most if you... What are the advantages of using the ASP scripting language? ASP can provide you with many advantages when it comes to developing web applications for hosting... What do you mean by Dedicated Application Pools ? ASP .NET apps run under application pools. Many applications require full trust and they need to... What is ASP.NET? ASP.NET is part of Microsoft’s .NET Framework and allows developers a feature rich foundation for... What is Parallels Plesk Panel? Plesk is a control panel available on our Windows-based hosting accounts and servers. It lets you... What’s different about Parallels Plesk Panel and cPanel/WHM? The most popular control panels are Parallels Plesk Panel and cPanel/WHM, although many... Which Plesk do I have? Windows: We are now provisioning new Windows Dedicated servers with Plesk 12.0.18. Plesk 12.0.18... www prefix is not available for Windows Domains This is caused because during domain creation the www prefix checkbox was not selected and the...
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