Can you easily change the A records to point to an IIS server through cPanel & WHM? There are two ways to change the A records in the WHM interface:    1)To edit the DNS zone... How can I create a demo version of cPanel & WHM? To create a demo version of cPanel & WHM, perform the following steps:       Create a new... How do I change nameservers You can change nameservers in WHM's Basic cPanel & WHM Setup interface (Home >> Server... How do I choose what cPanel themes are available to my clients? You can choose the themes those are available to your clients. The instructions below illustrate... How do I log into the Web Host Manager? (WHM) To log into your WHM, you can go to any of the following links. Just make sure to customize the... How do I set up personal nameservers in WHM? To set up a personal nameserver, perform the following steps:       Navigate to the Nameservers... How do I use WHM on a PDA? Point your PDA's web browser to https://server:2087/scripts/command?PFILE=main  where server is... How to Change the Language in Your WHM ? Just like in the cPanel, you can change the default language in your WHM. This article shows you... How to Delete a cPanel in WHM ? If you are no longer hosting a website, or you are closing it down, you may want to delete or... How to Suspend/Unsuspend Accounts In WHM? You can find this in WHM under Account Functions.If your resold client is suspended, you can... How to create Package in WHM? When you create an account in WHM, you can select quite a few resource limits on the account,... How to enable or disable Advanced DNS editor in WHM? When managing your cpanels as a reseller, you may or may not want to allow the individual cpanel... How to reset a reseller's client's password? Go to WHM and click Password Modification (under Account Functions). Select the account domain... Is cPanel & WHM compatible with mod_security? All our servers have mode_security enabled. What is Skeleton Directory? In WHM, this page tells you the location of the folder where you can place files for your... What is WHM? WHM is also a reseller control panel. It is what our customers receive with all Reseller hosting... What is a package? A package is collection of predefined specifications which define what a user or domain may have... What is the WHM Autofixer? The Autofixer is a collection of scripts that you can run in your web browser to fix some common... Which browsers are compatible with cPanel & WHM? cPanel & WHMare compatible with the following browsers  1) Google Chrome 34 and above.  2)...
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