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If you wish to run Python scripts in your hosting account, you can create and edit them in two ways: either in cPanel or via SSH.

To create and edit Python script in cPanel use the following steps

1. Log in to your cPanel:

2. Go to section Files > File Manager

3. You can choose whether you want to run script in cgi-bin folder or outside it.

cgi-bin folder contains executable CGI scripts. If the file should be placed out of cgi-bin folder, .htaccess should be created additionally.

  1. In order to run Python script in cgi-bin folder follow the steps
  • Go to cgi-bin folder.
  • Vreate the file with .py extension for example in /home/cPuser/public_html/cgi-bin directory (where cPuser is your actual cPanel username).

5. In order to create the file, click New File > specify the name of the file with the required extension and click Create New File:

6. Change the permission of the file to 0755

7. In order to change the permissions of the file you need to select the file > click Change Permissions > Mark Execute for User, Group, World columns and click Change Permissions

8. Open the file, click Edit and add the code.

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