Can I customize my installation of WHMCS? Of course yes! WHMCS is designed with customization in mind, and so with the use of templates,... Can I use WHMCS with my existing web site? Absolutely!! WHMCS is software for taking orders, and letting both your clients and staff manage... Can i change the domain name later on? Yes, you can change the domain name afterwards in that case we will reissue the license for a... Do you help with setup of WHMCS? Yes we do help you to basic installation of WHMCS for your Domain, if you need a setup and... Do you provide free WHMCS licence? Yes we do provide Free WHMCS license with all our reseller hosting plans except Starter plan, if... Do you provide payment gateway? No we do not provide any payment gateways. You can signup your own payment  gateway and get it... How Discount or Coupon codes or Promotions can be linked with hosting products? Promotions can be setup to offer discounts on Products & Services, Product Addons and... How I setup WHMCS? For WHMCS setup please refer the below link If you... How do I get my WHMCS license after ordering? Once you have signed up with us for hosting, please send a ticket to our sales department to have... How do I install WHMCS? For installation of WHMCS please refer the below link: How to Add a Customer? You can add customer by following the below given steps:1)Login to the Admin area in WHMCS. 2)In... How to Login to the Admin section of WHMCS? Perform the following steps to login to WHMCS 1) Access the website you installed WHMCS on, and... How to Manage Domains in WHMCS ?   1) Login to the Admin section of WHMCS.   2) In the navigation menu, roll your mouse over... How to add additional payment gateways(Those not listed in WHMCS)? Integration of debit /credit card via client area by following below mentioned steps.Payment... How to change the WHMCS templates or only header and footer easily? Setups >> General settings >> select ordering tab >> there you will find... How to configure automated email to the clients? One essential feature within WHMCS is the automated emails it sends. These emails range from... How to integrate a plain html based website without the help of Developer/Designner? Yes it is possible To integrate a plain html based website without the help of... How to set Domain pricing in WHMCS? Domain pricing Domain pricing is managed via Setup > Products/Services > Domain Pricing.... Installation of WHMCS via softaculous. To install WHMCS via Softaculous:1.Login your cPanel Control Panel2.Under the section... Integration Of Domain reseller account with site Integration of Domain reseller account can be done by following beow mentioned stepssetup... Integration of bydefault (Already listed in WHMCS)Payment gateways to WHMCS? Merchant Gateways ()Third Party Gateways()Tokenisation Gateways()You can check the complete list... Is it Possible to configure 2 Registrars in WHMCS? Yes you can. To enable this you need to navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Domain... Link to download latest version of WHMCS. Obtain the latest full release download of WHMCS either from or from... WHMCS configuration automation settings./How to configure Cron in WHMCS? The Automation Settings are where you configure all the automated processes such as suspensions,... WHMCS—Getting Started(Server addition, Package creation, Addition of payment gateways, Create departments, Enabling Automation) We offer one FREE WHMCS license with all our reseller packages except with "Reseller STARTER"... What Domain reseller account do you provide? We do provide Reseller Club's Domain reseller Account   What are the server requirements for WHMCS? Providing your server supports PHP & MySQL you should be able to run WHMCS without any problems. What information do you require to setup a WHMCS license for me? Following information, we require for WHMCS setup First Name: Last Name: Company Name:... What is Base Conv. Rate in WHMCS? WHMCS also provides the ability to have the prices in currencies other than the base rate... What is WHMCS? If you are a reseller and are looking for a one-stop hosting solution for things such as handling... What is the cost of WHMCS if I need to buy? The cost of WHMCS is $12/month, please contact sales department if you need to order it. What is the cost of unbranded license? Cost of Unbranded License is $5/month. What payment gateways are compatible with WHMCS? WHMCS is integrated with over 150 payment gateways and provisioning based API’s to allow you to... which WHMCS license do you provide? We provide the plus license for whmcs and it is branded.
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