How do I add a mysql database in Cpanel? Print

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To create a MySQL database:

- Go to 'Manage Mysql' under the database header in Cpanel

- In the DB text field, type the name you wish to give your database
- Click the Add DB button
- At the bottom of MySQL Manager under 'Users' type a
database user name and password
- Click the Add User button

Now for the important part that everyone misses:

You should now see your new user listed in the dropdown menu after "User:" and your new database listed in the "DB:" dropdown menu. (if you don't try refreshing the page in your browser) Then, select BOTH the username AND the DATABASE NAME and click the Add User to DB button to add your user to your database and you're done.

Now that you have created a database, created a database user and have granted that user access to the database your mysql database is fully ready to use.

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