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There are several different advantages to using ASP.NET that are you to benefit you most if you are a business. The main advantages of using ASP.NET include:


  Microsoft database system integration – ASP.NET websites can be integrated with Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server database back-ends which will allow you to develop dynamic websites using only Microsoft applications – when developing dynamic websites, you want to be sure that the combination of database server and scripting language that you are using will allow you to create a sustainable system that will be able to cope with high loads – by using ASP.NET with a Microsoft database application you are guaranteed to be able to create a web application using two components that will function seamlessly with each other

    Scalable web applications – ASP.NET is ideal for the development of scalable web applications as ASP.NET web applications will always perform well under high loads, although the extent to which this is applicable will depend on the specifications of the server that you are using – Windows servers are generally used by larger businesses which is evident with the costs that are incurred when using a Windows servers, but the performance offered is usually higher than that offered by Linux servers when it comes to large scale business applications which is why ASP.NET is ideal for the development of scalable web applications

    AJAX – ASP.NET comes with native AJAX components built-in that you will be able to make use of if you wish to create a dynamic website that makes the most of the latest client technologies – AJAX will allow you to create web pages and scripts that can dynamically send and receive data from the server without having to reload an entire web page, allowing you to create a seamless and easy to use system that will also reduce the load on the hosting server and your website’s overall bandwidth usage – having specific AJAX components available to you as part of the scripting framework that you are using will reduce the amount of work that you need to do to incorporate any additional script libraries that you may wish to make use of.


The advantages of using ASP.NET show that it is a scripting framework ideal for creating web applications that are capable of making the most of the latest technologies available and will be able to offer visitors the feature-rich experience that they demand

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