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     To back up your domain (web site):

Click Backup in the Domain group.
Click Create Backup in the Tools group.Specify the backup method: Create backup file and store in repository - backup file is created and stored on Plesk server.

Do not store backup file in repository, only download it -
backup file is created on the Plesk server, and as soon as it's done, you download it to your computer. After the download is complete, backup file is erased from Plesk server.

Create the backup file and store on FTP server -
backup file is created on the local Plesk server and stored on the FTP server of your choosing. If you select this option, you need to specify the path to the FTP server, FTP credent
ials (login and password) and base FTP directory in the corresponding fields.

Specify the backup file name in the Backup file name field and additional comments in the Comments field.

Select the Suspend domain checkbox,
if you wish to suspend all domain activity during the backup. Note that suspended domains aren't available to the visitorsSelect the Nofity by e-mail checkbox and specify the e-mail, if you want to be notified about the backup.

Click Back Up.
The backup will start and the progress will be shown.Upon completion of the backup process you will be shown a window displaying the backup results, including errors, if they were encountered. Click OK.

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