How do I upload my website? Print

  • 0 provides you two methods to upload your website files:

  Publishing through FTP clients: The easiest way to transfer your files is to use the File transfer Protocol (FTP) utility. The ftp account login and password are mailed to you at the time of activation of your hosting account.

   FTP clients can be installed on your computer and files can be transferred to your website directly from your computer. Many FTP clients are available on the Internet for free download.

  Below are some popular FTP Clients:

    FileZilla – This is a popular free FTP client.



    Publishing through File Manager: File Manager is available on your Plesk Control panel. File Manager allows you to upload your website files without the need for a desktop FTP client. However, File Manager is most suitable for uploading files that are below 5 MB in size and you can upload 3 files at a time. If you need to upload a large number of files, we suggest that you use a desktop FTP client.

  The login details of the Plesk Control panel will be mailed to you after activation of your hosting account.

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