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The Autofixer is a collection of scripts that you can run in your web browser to fix some common issues that are not otherwise fixable or accessible from the command line.

You can find the following Autofixer scripts in cPanel's httpupdate auto fixer repository:

    test — This script is a test autofixer on your system, nothing gets changed.
    bsdbindfix — This script resolves port issues with BIND 9.
    compresszlibfix — This script fixes a compress zlib error.
    dbdmysql — This script fixes DBD::mysql issues for older versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
    fpindexfile — This script fixes the FrontPage index.
    iptablesflush — This script flushes iptables rules from WHM if you are firewalled from SSH access.
    libxml64fix — This script fixes libXML on 64-bit systems.
    resellerresourceacctounts — This script fixes reseller resource accounts.
    safesshrestart — This script restores the SSH config file, and restarts SSH if you are locked out.
    vfilterfix — This script restores /etc/vfilters files.
    yumduprpmfix — This script attempts to locate and resolve any duplicate RPMs.

Run Autofixer from the following URL, where serverip represents your server's IP address: https://serverip:2087/scripts2/autofixer

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