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WHM is also a reseller control panel. It is what our customers receive with all Reseller hosting plans and use to manage all their resold hosting accounts in their reseller plan. However, reseller have restricted reseller rights in WHM comparing to VPS and Dedicated Servers WHM (root user rights), so some functions are not available for them.

 You can use the following options in WHM
•     Create individual accounts      
•     Create custom hosting packages    
•     Add domains to the server      
•     Manage features of hosting packages and account   
•     Reset password/contact email address for cPanel accounts  
•     Edit Resource Limits for cPanel accounts    
•     Modify DNS zone records for each domain/subdomain  
•     Set up private nameservers on the server    
•     Access resold account without entering login detail   
•     Perform basic system and control panel maintenance

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