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  • 0 offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

To further elaborate on that, while other hosting companies limit you to specific monthly disk space and bandwidth, we pride ourselves in being able to not limit you and give you the liberty to upload your various website related data to your hosting space and let your website visitors enjoy the server's bandwidth without you needing to worry if you went over either a bandwidth or disk space monthly quota limit.

That said, we offer shared hosting. Meaning, you host your website on a server with other customers. So you need to understand that you cannot utilize your hosting space for backup of files, and you can't hog the server's aforementioned resources with the low cost hosting plans that we offer. Be reasonable when you design your website and agree to a hosting space, and we'll never argue that you are being abusive to the server's resources., just like any other hosting provider out there, also has a TOS and AUP that we ask our customers to agree upon registration. So please read them and agree to them.

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