What is a domain restore? Why does it cost so much in comparison to a domain renewal? Print

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A domain should be renewed before it’s expiration date. If the domain expires, you can still renew it after the expiration date for a certain grace period (30 days usually). These renewals are at the regular price.

If you do not renew the domain within the grace period, then the domain is deleted. Myresellerhome.com no longer controls the domain name, and it can no longer be renewed. After a certain redemption period (30 days usually), the domain is released back to the public and anyone can register it.

If you decide you still want the domain within the redemption period, you need to restore it. This is a time consuming process that is not automated. We actually have to submit paperwork to complete the restore. We charge $130 to restore .com,.net,.org domains. For other tlds, the price ranges up to $149.99. Most of this money goes to the central registry, not us. All restores include a 1 year renewal.

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